Category: Canon dSLR accessories

In addition to the many accessories discussed throughout the blog, Canon offers a number of other accessories for its dSLR cameras that can enhance your photography and make life easier whether you’re shooting in the studio or the field. And, while there are also many third-party products manufactured for Canon dSLRs, you can never go wrong by first considering original Canon accessories that are designed specifically for Canon cameras.

It would be impossible to list all of the many Canon accessories here, so, just because you don’t see it here, doesn’t mean Canon doesn’t make it.

Other accessories for Canon dSLR

Obviously, Canon makes a plethora of accessories — far too many to list here. However, there are few other accessories that you should consider. These accessories are more camera specific or don’t exactly fit into the previous categories. Battery grip. The Rebel line, 40D, and 5D cameras (and predecessors) can have twice the battery power [...]

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Viewfinder and eye accessories

If you wear glasses or you prefer a different way to view or focus your dSLR, then you might find one of these accessories useful: Eyecup. This is a simple replacement for your existing eyecup, should it become damaged or lost. An anti-fog eyecup is also available. Angle finder. Attached to your viewfinder bracket, this [...]

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Wireless transmitters

Wireless transmitters are designed to allow you to control cameras and flashes, or to transmit files using radio signals or infrared signals. Wireless controllers are useful when your camera is mounted in a difficult position that’s too far away or inaccessible to you. The flash transmitter lets you control single or multiple flashes without a [...]

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Remote shutter release devices

Canon offers a variety of ways for you to release the shutter without actually touching the camera. Here I’ve listed three of the more popular options: Cable release adapter (T3). This device allows you to attach a mechanical plunger-type cable release to your camera’s electronic shutter release port. Some photographers prefer the more physical, tactile [...]

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