Remote shutter release devices

Canon offers a variety of ways for you to release the shutter without actually touching the camera. Here I’ve listed three of the more popular options:

  • Cable release adapter (T3). This device allows you to attach a mechanical plunger-type cable release to your camera’s electronic shutter release port. Some photographers prefer the more physical, tactile feel of a traditional cable release, and this does the trick.
  • Remote switch (RS-80N3). This electronic switch attaches via a cable to your camera’s electronic shutter release port. Connected to the camera, it works just like your shutter release — if you press the switch half-way down, it lets you autofocus.
  • Timer remote controller (TC-80N3). In addition to being a remote shutter release, this device lets you control timed exposures on your camera remotely via a cable. It is made up of a remote switch and cable which includes a self-timer, interval timer, long-exposure timer, and exposure-count setting feature, and is operated from an LCD panel and dial on the unit.

Category: Canon dSLR accessories

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