Viewfinder and eye accessories

If you wear glasses or you prefer a different way to view or focus your dSLR, then you might find one of these accessories useful:

  • Eyecup. This is a simple replacement for your existing eyecup, should it become damaged or lost. An anti-fog eyecup is also available.
  • Angle finder. Attached to your viewfinder bracket, this device allows you to take waist-level photos with your dSLR and shoot from a variety of non-standard angles that would be impossible or very difficult when using a conventional viewfinder. It’s an excellent accessory for eyeglass wearers.
  • Dioptric adjustment lenses. These are integrated with eyecups to provide different amounts of magnification for viewing through the lens (for eyeglass wearers who need to look through the viewfinder without glasses).
  • Focusing screens. These screens mount inside your dSLR’s mirror mechanism and allow you to focus differently; for example, you can select a split-screen focus, a matte with a grid, or a microprism.

Category: Canon dSLR accessories

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