Wireless transmitters

Wireless transmitters are designed to allow you to control cameras and flashes, or to transmit files using radio signals or infrared signals. Wireless controllers are useful when your camera is mounted in a difficult position that’s too far away or inaccessible to you. The flash transmitter lets you control single or multiple flashes without a flash being mounted to your camera.

  • Wireless controller (LC-5). This wireless radio device lets you control a camera from a distance of up to 330 feet. It controls a variety of functions, including shutter release (in several modes), and it offers several channels so as not to interfere with any other wireless controllers within range.
  • Speedlite transmitter (ST-E2). Attached to your dSLR’s hot shoe, this transmitter acts as a master and will fire one or more slave flashes using an infrared signal. It works with the Speedlite 580EX II and the 430EX, as well as predecessor models (such as the 550EX). It does not work with non-Canon flashes.
  • Wireless file transmitter (WFT-E2A, WFT-E1A, WFT-E3A). These transmit files wire-lessly or using a cable (USB or Ethernet) from a camera to a personal computer and/or network.

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