Sensor-cleaning brushes

A more aggressive, but still dry-method of cleaning involves using a specialized brush to clean the sensor. You carefully sweep the sensor with the brush, which effectively cleans off more stubborn dust particles. These brushes are available from professional photography suppliers, and you can find a variety of models. Some of them are designed to use static electricity to help attract dust particles, while others are simply high-quality brushes.

You should never use anything but a professional brush designed to clean the sensor in your camera. Other types of brushes may scratch the sensor, or leave their own particles inside the camera.

Use the brush according to the instructions that come with it (they vary among different models), using the sensor-cleaning method to expose your CMOS as described in the previous section. After using the brush, you may also want to combine your cleaning session with some bulb blowing to remove any particles that the brush loosened but may have been left behind.

Once finished, keep your brush in a clean, dry, dust-free place. Some come in special containers, or you can simply keep it in your camera bag in a small zipper-style bag.

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