Colored filters

There are a number of filters that provide varying levels of color that can affect your image. While many of the colored filters were designed originally to filter colors that would be rendered onto film, today’s digital capabilities — both in the camera and the software — mitigate the need to use them. One of the most obsolete filters today is the tungsten filter, which of course was used to help the color effects of tungsten light onto conventional film. Now this is simply a white-balance setting in your camera.

Some color filters, however, can be useful and fun to use. An extreme version of the skylight filter is the yellow, or K2, filter. This slightly yellow filter dramatically increases contrast in an outdoor image, especially among clouds, landscape, and sky. You can also use it for shooting people to achieve a more natural skin tone.

The G filter is orange, and is especially useful when you’re using a telephoto lens and shooting sunsets. It increases the contrast between reds and oranges in your image, making any sunset more intensely colored.

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