Skylight and warming filters

A skylight filter helps you moderate what can be too much blue in your image, especially on sunny days with an excessive amount of blue sky. It’s a subtle effect, providing just enough filtration to your image that the color is much better balanced; it is especially effective in a shady area under a cloudless, blue sky. While UV/haze filters are clear, skylight filters have a slight pinkish tone to them, which is what helps to offset too much blue in a photo taken on a very sunny day, for example. Like UV/haze filters, photographers often keep skylight filters on their cameras nearly all the time, especially if they shoot outdoors frequently; however, it’s uncommon to have both types on a lens at the same time.

A warming filter will also cut some of the blue color in an image, especially when it’s taken outdoors in sunny weather — which gives the colors in your photo a warmer, more balanced effect. It’s especially effective in cloudy conditions, however, or in a shaded area on a sunny day. And, it provides additional warmth to a portrait and helps alleviate the bluish tone you sometimes get in a flash-illuminated image.

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