What is a photography system?

A camera system can range from simple to complex. Here the Canon 1D Mark IIn and five Canon lenses make a powerful combination for a variety of photography applications.

From a broad point of view, a photography system includes all the components that are offered by the camera manufacturer and third-party companies and that are compatible with your camera. From this perspective, a system includes the camera body, lenses, flash units, battery chargers, extension tubes, interface cables, and so on. In other words, the photography system encompasses the universe of components that are compatible with your camera. Your current system may be as simple as one basic body and several lenses, as shown in 1-1.

If you’re reading this blog, you probably either already own or are considering buying a Canon dSLR. As one of the oldest camera manufacturers in the world, Canon offers a photography system that reflects the company’s long heritage of understanding the needs of photographers by supplying professional equipment and pioneering new technologies.

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