Macro lenses tips

Taking macro images can be some of the most interesting and challenging photography you’ll find. Here are some general tips and techniques for getting the most out of a macro lens:

  • At close range, there’s no room for error. Make sure your focus and exposure are precisely what you want.
  • Remember that your flash may be too much for your subject, so you may have to manually reduce the flash power.
  • Alter the angle of the shots, as much as you can, given whatever limitations your subject provides. At close range, you’ll find that different angles can provide vastly different perspectives.
  • Remember to watch depth of field! Use Aperture-priority to control how much of your image is in (or out) of focus.
  • If you’d like more depth in your image, use angled lighting — just like shooting early or late in the day. This brings out texture and relief in your subject.
  • Be aware of your background: Does it distract from or complement the photo? Blurred, colored backgrounds often make the best backdrop for a simple subject.
  • Remember that with increased magnification, your depth of field will become shallower — regardless of aperture settings.
  • Watch for motion issues and camera shake. You may want to use the mirror lockup in order to ensure there’s no vibration.
  • Shoot at as low an ISO as possible to eliminate any and all digital noise.
  • Get close and experiment. Keep the photos interesting with a clear subject, but don’t be afraid to close in on details of a small subject.

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